Join the conversation to be a part of the innovation

Clare Grace
Vice President, Site and Patient Access, INC Research
August 30, 2016

Over the next several weeks leading up to the Ideathon event, we want to ignite conversations about how a single idea can have the potential to lead to actionable solutions that ultimately raise patient awareness of clinical trials.  

Whether or not you are attending the event, we encourage you to participate in the “crowdsolving” initiative by sharing via social media your ideas, stories and thoughts on why clinical trial awareness is important. By contributing to the larger conversation, you can do your part to help us achieve several of the ideathon’s objectives – to raise awareness of clinical trials, build a community of problem solvers, identify unique ideas to spread the word and develop an active community that advocates for clinical research.  

You can take part in the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, LInkedIn and Instagram by:  

  1.  Downloading the complete social media promotional toolkit
  2.  Sharing your suggestions for creating awareness and soliciting ideas from others
  3.  Using the hashtag #ideas4patients in your posts
  4.  Linking to the Ideathon website: 

We all have our part to play in raising clinical trial awareness – join INC Research and CISCRP in our outreach in support of the Ideathon and beyond.