14 Finalists from Diverse Industries to Compete at “Inspiring Hope” Ideathon

Clare Grace
Vice President, Site and Patient Access, INC Research
September 21, 2016

The judges have deliberated, and the verdict is in. After a very thorough evaluation of nearly 70 submissions, INC Research and CISCRP are thrilled to announce the 14 finalists that will be going to Boston to compete in the “Inspiring Hope” Ideathon this month.

The 2016 “Inspiring Hope” Ideathon finalists are…

·      Sarah Berk and Lauren McLaughlin, Associate Directors, Research Partnerships, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, New York, NY, USA
Team Name: Virtual-osity: Fill the White Space

·      Deena Bernstein, VP, Site Services, QCare, Quintiles, Durham, NC, USA
Team Name: Wheel-N-Awareness

·      Susannah Buzard, Associate Manager of Editorial Panels and Community Outreach, Cynthia Korisky, Project Manager, and Matt Scanlon, Project Manager, CISCRP, Boston, MA, USA
Team Name: Google Doodles

·      Zac Carr, Director of Strategy & Business Operations, Clincierge, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Team Name: Building Better Health

·      Daniella Frisoli, SSU Academy – Study Start Up & Regulatory Specialist I, INC Research, Camberley, UK
Team Name: Flex-e-Trial

·      Regina Greer-Smith, President and Chief Engagement Officer, Healthcare Research Associates, LLC, Hazel Press, IL USA
Team Name: The S.T.A.R. Initiative E3 Team

·      Kate Wheeler, Group Account Director, Langland, Windsor, UK
Team Name: Langland

·      Aurelie MacDonald, Managing Director, BioMark Consulting, San Francisco, CA, USA
Team Name: Patients Advancing Clinical Trials

·      William Raasch, Founder and CEO, WeHealth Co, Venice, CA, USA
Team Name: WeHealth

·      Angela Radcliffe, Executive Vice President, FCBVIO, A Hudson Global Company, New York, NY, USA
Team Name: C2 - The Clinical Trial Change Agent Collective

·      Susan Sikora, Principal and Founder, CONDUIT Health Communications, LLC, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA
Team Name: Conduit Health Communications

·      Rebecca Simpson, Marketing and Media Specialist, Encore Research Group, Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research, Jacksonville, FL, USA
Team Name: The Humanizers

·      Ernest Suh, Medical Professional, Kaiser Permanente, Northridge, CA, USA
Team Name: HOPE.IN

·      Christine Zahren, Director, Clinical Trials Connect, Carlton South, Victoria, Australia and Fiona Cameron, Marketing Director, Acme Strategic, Carlton South, Victoria, Australia
Team Name: Clinical Trials Connect (CTC) White Coats

When we challenged the clinical research community to come up with ideas for bringing greater awareness to clinical trial participation, we believed we would receive great #ideas4patients. But the 70 submissions we received for this year’s Ideathon initiative weren’t just great, they were truly innovative.

We received entries from industry-leading organizations and advocacy groups, as well consultants and devoted individuals alike – all of whom are committed to pushing science forward. The diversity among entrants and their range in creativity is truly a testament to the innovative crowdsolving event, which called upon those across the industry to come together to solve one of the most pressing issues facing research development: low clinical trial participation rate, which is hovering at 5 percent.

Here are a few of the finalist ideas, which will be presented at next month’s Ideathon:

·      A sophisticated algorithm to reach and enroll social media users into clinical trials

·      Working with Google to include a "doodle" for various days of the year honoring specific female and/or minority populations who have participated in clinical trials.

·      Using referral-based crowdsourcing platform to recruit patients who would most likely benefit from specific clinical trials.

·      Establishing a mobile unit that provides health screening, education, and access to clinical trials in rural and inner city areas.

·      A program that honors a sick or recently deceased loved one by participating in clinical research.

These ideas, and the many others we received, showcase the great dedication of our community to make an impact on clinical research. We thank all entrants for their participation.

To explore all of the finalists’ ideas, please visit http://www.inspiring-hope-ideathon.com/#finalists